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A single second can change your life. That’s all the time it take for a road accident to permanently impact your health. Another person’s mistake can lose you everything that was previously guaranteed, or in reach. Your job, your family, your studies in the Czech Republic or abroad. You can lose your friends or your loved ones as well. Your health has been injured. No-one can restore it for you, but your health does have a value.

We’re here to help you obtain compensation for damages and navigate the tangle of legal regulations. We have over twenty years of experience with representing injured parties in court proceedings. We are an attorney’s office specialized in this field.

We know that it is unacceptable for you to pay any costs in the situation where you need to cover your hospital stay and rehabilitation and face constant new expenses. We are aware of this, and so when representing parties injured in traffic accidents that they did not cause, we offer legal services without demanding an advance payment. The court fee payment is waived for the court proceeding. We offer a free consultation in cases of traffic accidents not caused by the client.

Our results speak for us. We have hundreds of successful cases behind us. We don’t need to make any up. Meanwhile, your situation and your story are always unique for us. For us, you are an individual, a person whom we understand. We take your decision to use our services seriously.

Only by working together can we achieve success and ensure the high compensation that will help you in your life to come. We believe you when you turn to our offices with your claim.

How we work:

We first attempt to negotiate out of court with the insurance company of the accident’s guilty party. In parallel we also file your claims within criminal proceedings.

www.ihned.cz – Insurance companies are refusing to cover high liability payments for accidents. Clients should be “ruthless” and appeal decisions.

What we need from you:

We need all the documentation that you have available for the road accident and for related and ongoing administrative or criminal proceedings. If the insurance company has already contacted you, we need for you to send us all of your correspondence with them. We also need medical reports, and if relevant, complete medical documentation. If you do not have any source documents, we will help you acquire them.

Personal consultations:

We are available for you from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

To ensure that we can devote our complete attention to you, please always arrange a time in advance for your visit to our office. Call us at +420 224 240 999 or write us via our contact form.