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The attorney’s office of JUDr. Klára Kořínkové Ph.D. has been active since 2000 and offers its clients highly qualified legal services in all legal fields, including international law. The members of the attorney’s office of JUDr. Klára Kořínková, Ph.D. are specialists in their field and represent a reliable, experienced partner for resolving legal problems. We strive to maximize the client’s satisfaction and the effectiveness of the services we offer.

We cooperate with other experts to provide our legal services, and especially with experts from the fields of medicine, construction, and accounting; we also cooperate with mediators.  We handle clients’ claims comprehensively and effectively.

The members of the attorney’s office of JUDr. Klára Kořínková, Ph.D. have acquired their experience in part during prior practice at German and Austrian corporations and during foreign study visits, and they also emphasize continuing professional development within their legal specialization so that they can provide their services at the highest level of quality.

The attorney’s office of JUDr. Klára Kořínková, Ph.D. primarily specializes in compensation for damages, an area in which it has years of experience, and further specializes in the settlement of disputes in and out of court; it has extensive practical experience with liability law, including experience in commercial and legal relationships.

Besides compensation for damages, the office provides its considerable experience in the areas of civil law, labor law, family law, and dispute resolution.

The attorney’s office of JUDr. Klára Kořínková, Ph.D. offers a professional and individual approach to every client. When providing its legal services, its members take care to be reliable, discreet, creative, quick, and effective. In light of our years of experience with court disputes, we can offer legal services that are based on strong expertise.

  • Flat fees can be negotiated for our services.  You have the certainty of never paying more than you expected.
  • We are attorneys. We abide by the Ethical Codex of the Czech Bar Association.
  • You have a guarantee of expertise and ethical behavior.
  • And if it does come to pass that we commit an error, we are insured for this situation.

Our services

Compensation for Damages

  • extensive experience in the area of liability law
  • law surrounding the insuring of liability for damage caused by the operation of a motor vehicle
  • filing for compensation for material damage or damage to health
  • representing accident participants in administrative or court proceedings
  • protection of personal rights and compensation for damage to these rights
  • cooperation with court experts in evaluating the base and its amount
  • representation in proceedings on compensation from the state for damage due to improper courses of action by officials and to unlawful decisions

Property law

  • drafting of comprehensive contract documentation
  • representation in the proceedings on permitting a land-register (cadastre) entry
  • cancellation and settlement of joint ownership
  • escrow services
  • representation in proceedings due to defects in a purchase contract or a work contract
  • representation in proceedings in property-damage cases

Civil Law

  • comprehensive legal consulting
  • contract law
  • consulting in the preparatory phases of a case’s resolution and in the course of court proceedings; negotiations and trial strategies; consulting during arbitration
  • representation of physical and legal persons within proceedings before the courts and other authorities

Criminal Law

  • representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings; filing their claims for damages
  • representation during “non-standard criminal proceedings” such as reconciliation and conditional suspension of criminal proceedings

Family Law

  • drafting comprehensive contract documentation in contested and uncontested divorces
  • representation in divorce proceedings
  • representation in proceedings on the exercising of parental responsibility—definition of relations to minor children, determination of paternity, rejection of paternity, etc.

Insurance Law

  • evaluation of insurance contracts
  • evaluation of claims based on insurance contracts
  • representation in proceedings with insurance companies regarding insurance payouts

Labor Law

  • representation in proceedings on compensation for damages due to work injuries and occupational diseases
  • handling of relationships connected with employer/employee relations; termination of such relationships
  • representation in labor-law disputes
  • evaluation and drafting of comprehensive contract documentation for employers and employees
  • drafting of an employer’s internal regulations, including the document specifying employer and employee rights and obligations

Debt Collection

  • debt collection
  • debt purchasing


Work Injuries and Occupational Diseases

If you suffer a work injury, your employer bears liability for damages without regard to fault. You must receive at least one third of your claim, and this even in cases where it is shown that you share the blame for the occurrence of the injury. For this reduction to...

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Compensation for Malpractice

Our trust in doctors is strong. But even a doctor can make mistakes.  If they are employed by a medical facility, then that facility bears liability for damage to health caused by their malpractice. Typically a doctor’s malpractice causes harm to health—to a thing of...

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Traffic accident

A single second can change your life. That’s all the time it take for a road accident to permanently impact your health. Another person’s mistake can lose you everything that was previously guaranteed, or in reach. Your job, your family, your studies in the Czech...

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Compensation for Survivors

The loss of a loved one is a tragic event in life, especially in the situation where this loss was caused by someone’s actions. This event might involve compensation for a death resulting from injuries in a road accident, from a work injury, from an occupational...

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JUDr. Klára Kořínková, Ph.D.



  • She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague in 1996
  • In 1996-1999 she worked as a junior associate in the lawyer firm of JUDr. Marie Cilínková, she closely cooperated with the company AVUS Internationale Schadensregulierungen
  • She finished her lawyer exams in 1999
  • She is an individual attorney since 2000
  • She finished her doctor studies at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague in 2004
  • Member of PEOPIL, CWLA, member of the ČAK department for private law
  • Languages: German, Russian, English

Mrg. Kateřina Perglová



  • passed the bar exam in 2023
  • Language skills: english, french
  • She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno in 2019. Since the same year, she has been working as an associate attorney, but she gained valuable experience in advocacy during her studies, especially in the field of civil law, family law, commercial law and public procurement law. In 2020, she started working with our law firm, where she mainly focuses on damages, employment claims and real estate law. She speaks English and also has a passive knowledge of French.

Mgr. Lucie Petránková

Cooperating Attorney


  • passed the bar exam in 2013
  • Language skills: french, english
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University, very fond of travelling, sports shooting and martial arts. She enjoys writing articles where she can pass on useful information to anyone who needs it or is interested in it.

Barbora Sveykovská

Junior Attorney


  • Language skills: english, german, italian
  • She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University, where she obtained a specialization module in Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics. In her extracurricular activities, she functioned as Vice President for Academic Activities in the European Law Students’ Association Czech Republic. She gained work experience during her studies in international law firms and from 2021 also in our office. She speaks English and has passive knowledge of German and Italian.

Kamila Bláhová



  • Language skills: english
  • She graduated from the Secondary Vocational School for European Union Administration, majoring in legal administration. She gained experience in the field of justice, where she worked as deputy head of the criminal law section at one of Prague’s district courts. She speaks English.

Věra Ošlejšková



Mgr. Milan Beneš

Cooperating Attorney


  • passed the bar exam in 2016

Mgr. Jan Polesný

Cooperating Attorney




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