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Court disputes are nothing pleasant. They are long-lasting and place a burden upon both one’s finances and one’s time. Modern court proceedings should be as efficient as possible, and court disputes should not be drawn out unnecessarily.

In the case of long-lasting disputes, we are prepared to help you achieve compensation for the damages caused to you by drawn-out court proceedings. All proceedings do last for some time, but it is unacceptable for them to be extended without cause.

Any sort of delay in proceedings leads to a right to the provision of compensation, and this for every one of the proceedings’ participants.

Do not forget that the right to compensation for delays is subject to a statute of limitations, and this within a six-month deadline, counting from the day of the effective end of the proceedings.

Unlawful decisions and unlawful prosecution are among the saddest moments in a person’s life, moments when they can fall prey to despair and need aid, and a court’s decision on their innocence or on the cessation of prosecution—or even a change of verdict, meaning a victory for the accused—is only a small satisfaction.

In the case of compensation for unlawful prosecution or unlawful decisions, a claim can be filed for losses of earnings and profits, and likewise a claim for non-property damage. We are specialists in the given field, and we will be glad to help you to enforce your claims.

How we work and what documents we require:

We file claims out of court in negotiations with the Czech Ministry of Justice or other relevant ministry. If our client does not receive compensation within the out-of-court proceedings, we file the claim in the courts. The court fee is waived for the court proceeding.

www.idnes.cz –  Unlawfully sentenced generals have now received millions in damages.

Personal consultations:

We are available for you from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

To ensure that we can devote our complete attention to you, please always arrange a time in advance for your visit to our office. Call us at +420 224 240 999 or write us via our contact form.