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The loss of a loved one is a tragic event in life, especially in the situation where this loss was caused by someone’s actions. This event might involve compensation for a death resulting from injuries in a road accident, from a work injury, from an occupational disease, or from malpractice. The amount of such compensation is purely individual. We have enormous experience with representing survivors, and we keep in mind all persons that may be entitled to even the smallest of compensation.

We apply for compensation even for the deceased’s minor children, as well as non-minor children. Naturally we file claims for expenses paid in connection with the funeral and with the work needed on the memorial or grave as well.

How we work:

First of all we try to negotiate out of court with the guilty party or with their insurance agency. In parallel we also file your claims within criminal proceedings. We generally achieve partial compensation for survivors. After consulting with you, we file and represent the remaining claim in the courts.

www.ihned.cz Man will pay millions for death of child; courts are assigning ever higher damages for killing on the road

Personal consultations:

We are available for you from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

To ensure that we can devote our complete attention to you, please always arrange a time in advance for your visit to our office. Call us at +420 224 240 999 or write us via our contact form.